Audiotree is a music studio, based in Chicago, that remembers music is about the artist. Check their website for more than 200 live sessions dating from 2011 to the present. I’m pretty confident that everyone can find something they like here. One of my favorite groups, Black Pistol Fire, has a video up from last month, go check it out!

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

We believe in presenting artists exactly as they perform.  The audio you hear on every Audiotree Live session is the live mix- no post production, no tuning, no time aligning, no cheating.  If a band sounds great, it’s because they played great.  The sessions feel like you are in the faces of the musicians because that’s where our videographers are. The bands are the best, because we hand pick them.  We aim to create the most intimate, high-quality live performance videos available, for you to enjoy. The people behind Audiotree come from all over the music industry.  Artist managers, recording engineers, producers, business managers, concert photographers and videographers, promoters, tour managers, overall music junkies…  We believe it is essential in the new music industry to cast a wide net.  By placing an importance on creating a music community, and having a large collective skill set, no opportunity to help great music enter the world will be missed.


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